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Re: Revised patch to remove integer output macros

In elxsi_assemble_integer:
+       fprintf (asm_out_file, "{%d}\n", size * UNITS_PER_WORD);

Should be BITS_PER_UNIT.

In pa.c:
+ #define TARGET_ASM_UNALIGNED_HI_OP "\t.half\t"

These should only be used if TARGET_GAS.  You'll have to
handle this in pa_assemble_integer, because TARGET_GAS is
a runtime value.

In rs6000.c:
+   /* We can only guarantee the availability of DI pseudo-ops when assembling
+      for 64-bit targets.  */
+     {
+       targetm.asm_out.aligned_op.di = DOUBLE_INT_ASM_OP;

A better alternative here is to put

    return false;

in rs6000_assemble_integer.

In sparc/sol2.h:
  /* Use .uahalf/.uaword so packed structure members don't generate
     assembler errors when using the native assembler.  */

Should be fixed now since assemble_integer now has an
alignment argument.

In sparc.c:
+   /* Only use the unaligned DI pseudo-op ".uaxword" when compiling for
+      a 64-bit target.  */
+   if (TARGET_ARCH64)
+     targetm.asm_out.unaligned_op.di = "\t.uaxword\t";

Like the AIX solution.

In sparc.c:
! static bool
! sparc_assemble_integer (x, size, aligned_p)
!      rtx x;
!      unsigned int size;
!      int aligned_p;
!   if (aligned_p && size == 8)

This should all now be obsolete, since assemble_integer knows how
to break up e.g. CONST_DOUBLE when .xword doesn't exist.

In tm.texi:
! @deftypevrx {Target Hook} {const char *} TARGET_ASM_UNALIGNED_TI_OP
! hese hooks specify assembly instructions for creating certain kinds

Typo.  Substitute "directive" for "instruction" throughout.


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