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Re: PATCH: cvs.html

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 08:06:50PM +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> > You have to edit all of the CVS/Root files to point to the new
> > server.  Scripts have been posted for this in the past.  Something
> > like this (untested!) should work:
> > 
> > perl -pi.bak -e 's|\@gcc\.gnu\.org/cvs|\@subversions\.gnu\.org/cvsroot|' \
> > 	$(find . -name Root | grep CVS/Root)
> > 
> > - replacing gcc\.gnu\.org with the appropriate hostname, whatever you
> > happen to have in your CVS/Root files.  They're all the same for any
> > given checkout.
> > 
> > It may also be necessary to tweak the CVS/Repository files, I'm not
> > sure.
> We already have a contrib/newcvsroot script in tree, which we should
> mention in any message asking people to change (giving the right command
> line to use with it), which should suffice for anyone with a POSIX shell
> such as bash or ksh.

I'd forgotten about that script.  That's a better solution than my ad
hoc perl command lines.

Is there any way to get CVS to print a banner message asking anoncvs
users to switch?


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