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PATCH: tweak mirrors.html, releases.html, snapshots.html

After revisiting these three pages, I wanted to tweak and simplify a
bit more.



Index: mirrors.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/mirrors.html,v
retrieving revision 1.108
diff -u -3 -p -r1.108 mirrors.html
--- mirrors.html	2001/12/14 15:44:24	1.108
+++ mirrors.html	2001/12/14 17:31:41
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@

 <h1 align="center">GCC mirror sites</h1>

-<p>These sites mirror the GCC FTP site directly.  The official server is in California.  Please let us know
-if you are mirroring the GCC FTP site so we can note it here!</p>
+<p>These sites mirror the FTP site (California, USA) directly.
+Please let us know if you are mirroring our FTP site so we can note it

 <p>Our releases are also available on the
 <a href="";>GNU FTP server and its mirror
Index: releases.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/releases.html,v
retrieving revision 1.24
diff -u -3 -p -r1.24 releases.html
--- releases.html	2001/10/25 18:07:49	1.24
+++ releases.html	2001/12/14 17:31:42
@@ -9,9 +9,8 @@
 <h1 align="center">GCC Releases</h1>

 <p>Apart from providing our <a href="cvs.html">sources by means of CVS</a>
-we also make source code for our releases available for FTP download.</p>
-<p>Please use our <a href="mirrors.html">mirror sites</a>.</p>
+we also make source code for our releases available for FTP download from
+our <a href="mirrors.html">mirror sites</a>.</p>

 <p><em>Important: because these are source releases, they will be
 of little use to you if you do not already have a C compiler on your
Index: snapshots.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/snapshots.html,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -3 -p -r1.11 snapshots.html
--- snapshots.html	2001/12/14 15:52:41	1.11
+++ snapshots.html	2001/12/14 17:31:42
@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@
 <p>We recommend that you use <a href="cvs.html">CVS to access our
 current development sources</a>.</p>

-<p>We also make regular snapshots available for FTP download about once
+<p>We also make regular snapshots available for FTP download from our
+<a href="mirrors.html">mirror sites</a> about once
 a week. These snapshots are intended to give everyone access to work in
 progress.  Any given snapshot may generate incorrect code or even fail to
@@ -33,8 +34,6 @@ that autoconf, bison et al aren't needed
 comments in contrib/gcc_update. <BR> The file .brik provides a list of
 checksums of files in the snapshot, that may be checked using<BR>
 brik -C &lt; .brik</p>
-<p>Please use our <a href="mirrors.html">mirror sites</a>.</p>

 <p>In addition, some of our contributors also provide pre-built binaries
 of our current development sources on a regular basis:</p>

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