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Re: inlining default

>>>>> "Neil" == Neil Booth <> writes:

> Mark Mitchell wrote:-
>> --On Wednesday, December 12, 2001 02:00:03 PM +0000 Jason Merrill 
>> <> wrote:
>> >It seems that Neil's 2001-11-15 changes to option parsing had a side
>> >effect of turning on tree inlining at -O0 for C and C++ unless suppressed
>> >with -fno-inline, because we now set flag_tree_inline from flag_no_inline
>> >before setting flag_no_inline from optimize.  Is this what we want?  I
>> >would prefer to leave it off by default with -O0, but many compilers turn
>> >it on unless specifically disabled.  What do other people think?
>> I think we should leave it off at -O0.  I can't see a compelling
>> reason to change our historical practice.

> I think this inadvertant semantic change is cured by the patch below.
> Let me know if you want me to bootstrap, test and apply it.

Please.  Though while we're at it, it would be reasonable to be able to say
-O0 -finline; I would think that would just mean changing flag_no_inline to
default to 1 and clearing it if optimize>0.


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