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[PATCH] fixes for MPW host support

This is my first public set of patches, so please forgive me if I've botched
the process.

The following patches against gcc-3.0.2 fix the MPW host support. This
non-POSIX command line environment for Mac OS 9 is available free at

Although I did this work on my own time and equipment, all of these changes
should be covered under Apple's assignment paperwork with the FSF. (Stan
Shebs said so.)

This set comprises code changes only. The build system changes will be
separate. As I build gcc as a cross-compiler only, I haven't bootstrapped
these but they are all fairly obvious changes.

Most are simple ANSI conformance issues. It seems that nobody has been
building the G++ front end as a cross compiler, as some of these have been
around a while. There's also a small fix for the -fdump_XXX flags not being
processed properly in G++.

I've also provided a set of patches to the libiberty/include/mpw tree that
will need to be imported from the bintuils version of libiberty. These diffs
are against binutils-2.11.2. They are provided as the first ChangeLog entry.

2001-12-12  Alex Rosenberg  <>

    * fcntl.h, stat.h: const fixes.
    * mpw.h, types.h: remove duplicate system includes.
    * varargs.h: define __spillargs to enable Apple's <stdarg.h>
    * fcntl.h: remove trailing uncommented token after #endif

2001-12-12  Alex Rosenberg  <>

    * c-decl.c (c_decode_option): fix -fdump_XXX flags.
    * rs6000.c, rs6000.h: fix missing consts
    * cp-tree.h: fix [SET|CLEAR]_BINFO_MARKED,
    [SET|CLEAR]_BINFO_VTABLE_PATH_MARKED to have the same type on both
    sides of ?:.
    * cp-tree.h, method.c: Remove trailing commas in enums.
    * decl.c: define and use SET_CURRENT_BINDING_LEVEL to avoid
    non-portable use of ?: as an lvalue.
    * operators.def, rtti.c (dfs_class_hint_mark): remove extraneous
    * spew.c (feed_input), cpphash.c (_cpp_lookup_with_hash): cast output of
    obstack_alloc to proper type.
    * genrecog.c (main): Workaround broken host compiler when emitting large
    machine descriptions by breaking up split and recog function groups.
    * libiberty.h (pexecute): constness of argv for MPW.
    * mpw.c (mpwify_filename): ../ at the beginning of paths erroneously
    became :::.
    * mpw.c (putenv): ifdef out.
    * pexecute.c (pexecute): fix constness of argv in MPW version.
    * safe-ctype.c: '\n' is 0x0D under MPW, and that's ASCII enough.
    * strdup.c: fix const in declaration.
    * vsprintf.c: support MPW.
    * libiberty/include/mpw/*: import from binutils tree.

| Alexander M. Rosenberg           <> |
| Nobody cares what I say. Remove the underscore to mail me. |

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