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Re: [PATCH]: Update patches for memset and memcmp builtins

On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 05:30:25PM -0700, Roger Sayle wrote:
> 	* builtins.c (expand_builtin_memset, expand_builtin_memcpy,
> 	expand_builtin_strcpy): Additional arguments TARGET and MODE.
> 	(expand_builtin_bzero, expand_builtin_strcpy,
> 	expand_builtin_strncpy, expand_builtin_bzero): Pass additional
> 	TARGET and MODE parameters to the above functions.
> 	(expand_builtin_memset, expand_builtin_memcpy): Optimize the
> 	case where the LEN parameter is constant zero.
> 	(expand_builtin_memcmp): No longer conditional on
> 	HAVE_cmpstrsi.  Take an additional mode parameter.  Optimize
> 	the cases where len is either constant zero or one.
> 	Optimize to call to memcpy, even if the memcpy isn't inlined.
> 	(expand_builtin_strncpy): Optimize to call memcpy, even if the
> 	memcpy isn't inlined.
> 	(expand_builtin_strcmp, expand_builtin_strncmp): Always attempt
> 	to optimize to a call to memcmp.
> 	(expand_builtin): expand_builtin_memcmp can always be called,
> 	and pass the required parameters to expand_builtin_memcmp,
>         expand_builtin_memset, expand_builtin_memcpy and
>         expand_builtin_strcpy.
> 	* gcc.c-torture/execute/string-opt-14.c: New test case.
> 	* gcc.c-torture/execute/string-opt-15.c: New test case.



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