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Re: builtins: choose_expr and types_compatible_p

On 08-Dec-2001, Aldy Hernandez <> wrote:
> + @deftypefn {Built-in Function} @var{type} __builtin_choose_expr (@var{const_exp}, @var{exp1}, @var{exp2})
> + 
> + You can use the built-in function @code{__builtin_choose_expr} to
> + evaluate code depending on the value of a constant expression.  This
> + built-in function returns @var{exp1} if @var{const_exp}, which is a
> + constant expression that must be able to be determined at compile time,
> + is nonzero.  Otherwise it returns 0.
> + 
> + This built-in function is analogous to the @samp{? :} operator in C,
> + except that the expression returned has its type unaltered by promotion
> + rules.  Also, the built-in function does not evaluate the expression
> + that was not chosen.  For example, if @var{const_exp} evaluates to true,
> + @var{exp2} is not evaluated even if it has side-effects.

`?:' doesn't evaluate the expression that was not chosen either,
so in the context of "analagous ... except that", the last two sentences
there are confusing.  I suggest replacing "Also" with "Like @samp{? :}".

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