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Re: [web] FAQ- dynamic loading & RTTI

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> The new C++ abi in GCC 3.0 uses address comparisons rather than

> Like other objects that have to present in the final
Is something missing here?

> executable, these std::typeinfo_t objects have what is called vague
> linkage because they are not tightly bound to any one particular
> translation unit (object file).

Where do "these...objects" "arrive" from? That is, as a reader I was a
bit surprised that "these objects" are suddenly mentioned and what they

> For static linkage, this is all resolved at link time, but

s/all//g  or  s/this is all/all of this is/ ?

(I'm not sure here!)

> For details of vague linkage and other aspects of the ABI such as how
> type information is encoded, refer the the C++ ABI specification
> at C++ ABI.

Perhaps we can omit this?

> Note the type info objects which must be resolved all begin with
> '_ZTS'. Refer to ld's documentation for a description of the -E flag.

-E is not mentioned before!

Would you mind addressing these comments, and then commit your patch?
(Please also send the updated patch to gcc-patches then, so that other,
more C++ experienced developers can have another look.)

Gerald "Jerry"

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