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Re: Configure patch for vfork et al on VMS

On Dec  8, 2001, "Douglas B. Rupp" <> wrote:

> Also the test isn't really valid for VMS because it purports to test
> the maximum length of the command line, but is actually testing the
> maximum length of a single argument. The maximum length of the
> command line on VMS is unlimited AFAIK, so we can hardcode it to a
> very large value and probably not have to ever change it.

I've already explained that sometimes libtool uses the whole
command-line as a single argument to echo | sed, so it does matter if
the limit applies to a single argument just as much as it does to the
full command line.

I don't want to hard-code information that can be easily tested for.
This is one of the most important principles of autoconf, and I won't
give it up easily :-)

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