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Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: SSA-CCP on tree-ssa

On Fri, 07 Dec 2001, Daniel Berlin wrote:

> > > > You don't mention bootstrap/regression test results. Particulary,
> > > > using -ftree-ssa.  On the branch we should make -O2 trigger the
> > > > tree SSA transformations.
> > > Bootstraps okay on powerpc-linux-gnu.
> > >
> > With -ftree-ssa in BOOT_CFLAGS?
> Yes.
Cool.  Thanks.

> > Are you willing to keep maintaing it regularly?
> Sure, i already planned on it[1].
Great.  In that case, once you separate the tree-specific parts
from ssa-ccp, let's get it checked-in the ast branch.  I am going
to start some cleanup and do a trunk->branch merge once your
patch is in.

> [1] I've been writing (whenever i sit around tired of coding or waiting
> for compiles, so it's somewhat slow going) a guide to writing optimization
> passes for gcc for those who understand compiler optimization, but have
> never dealt with implementing them in gcc before.  Right now, we only have
> a guide to RTL, and a guide to trees, but no guide on things like our
> basic blocks, flow graph, dataflow framework, etc. I figured if there was
> a guide pointing out how these things work in gcc, and where they are,
> we'd get more people willing to implement optimizations or use gcc as a
> platform for research.
Excellent!  You and Jan should get in sync to get this info
together.  It will be very useful.

Thanks.  Diego.

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