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Re: [PATCH] make DWARF2_DEBUG the default for ELF platforms.

FWIW... C++ debugging on mainline is a disaster whichever debugging
symbols are used. For the last 6 months, I've built two toolchains on
x86 (stabs/dwarf2) in the hopes that one would work. Lately I've been
hacking current library code with the old libsupc++ so that I can use
gcc-3.0.x compilers, which at least allow me to single step through code
and call "finish" in gdb.

That being said, I'd sincerly appreciate the cut over to dwarf2 sooner
rather than later. 


There appear to be a couple of advantages. One, it seems to be more
widely used, especially on embedded systems where people who are paid to
work on gdb do most of their work. Two, it appears to have structural
and architectual advantages WRT stabs that make a good C++ debugging
solution possible. I'm pessimistic that stabs will ever work correctly
with namespaces, for example, yet it looks like dwarf2 can be taught to
do the right thing. At this point, this is a required feature for any
C++ debugging.

I'd rather force the issue and hope for a nice resolution than live with
the current situation.


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