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Re: [PATCH] make DWARF2_DEBUG the default for ELF platforms.

Hi Daniel,

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 10:11:51AM -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> > I've noticed a lot of problems with C++, but those aren't specific to
> > dwarf2; stabs doesn't work any better.  What dwarf-specific problems are
> > you seeing?
> The difference between the problems with Dwarf2 and the problems with
> stabs is that the stabs bugs are pretty much all fixed in my local tree
> and will be committed soon (I hope).

I assume the Dwarf2 problems you mention are platform-wide, not just MIPS
specific?  What is the state of Dwarf2 support in GDB 5.0 (the latest
released version)?

The problem is a large number of of ELF GCC targets override the
"PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE" setting of elfos.h.  From what you say, all
those targets are hurting right now.  Thus the change to
"PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE" in elfos.h is a NOP -- the change only affects
some ELF targets.

My goal here is to clean up all the places where
"PREFERRED_DEBUGGING_TYPE" is #undef'ed and set to DWARF2_DEBUG.  This is
my window of opportunity to work on this, so I wonder if we could make a

    (1) we change elfos.h, remove the overrides in the targets that set
    DWARF2_DEBUG, and add overrides to DBX_DEBUG for those targets that
    the change to elfos.h affects.
    (2) you promise to do the above when Dwarf2 is fixed (and before GCC
    3.1.0).  Also maybe consider not having any target specify Dwarf2
    while it is broken.

-- David  (

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