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Re: patch: vector_size attribute

On 5 Dec 2001, Aldy Hernandez wrote:

> everyone's suggestions taken.

Do pointers to vectors (vector int *foo) work with this patch?  If so,
there should be tests for them.

> oh, and btw-- as per our chat, NONE of the attributes (except this one)
> use types.  they all use decls, even the ones that shouldn't.  should be
> fixed.

The format attributes use types.  As making the format attributes use
types (rather than, formerly, decl names and assembler names) was my aim
in reorganising attribute handling, I didn't attempt to clean up the
others at the same time.  (Some of the target-specific attributes use
types as well.)

To make an attribute use types, you need to track down all places using
decls for it.  noreturn might be a good one to start on - find all places
that test/set whether a decl is volatile to test for noreturn and make
them test the type instead, and make the obvious change to the handling of
noreturn attributes so they simply apply to function types rather than to
decls of functions or pointers to functions.  const is much the same as

Joseph S. Myers

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