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Re: Redundant tree inliner code?

On Tuesday, December 4, 2001, at 04:06 , Neil Booth wrote:

> Ziemowit Laski wrote:-
>> A recursive grep for deferred_fns (which I believe came in with the new
>> tree inlining recently) shows that the variable is defined in three
>> different places.  Is there a reason for this, or could it just go
>> into c-common.[ch]?
>> We stumbled across this while working on our persistent front-end, and
>> the current "distribution" of deferred_fns makes life extra hellish
>> for us. :)
> I have a patch towards remedying this that is still waiting approval:

I see that you've left the C++ portion alone.  Is this because the 
chain cannot reasonably be shared between the C++ and C/ObjC 
front-ends?  If so,
then the Objective-C++ front-end would have to have _two_ chains in it, 
oblivious of the other.  And if that is so, then perhaps the ObjC 
front-end should
have two chains as well, for symmetry (which would imply that your 
C/ObjC unification
patch might not be needed after all).  What do you think?


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