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Re: patch: rs6000 specific

On Tuesday, December 4, 2001, at 01:34 PM, wrote:

> On  4 Dec, Dale Johannesen wrote:
>> This adds some additional patterns for multiply-add instructions.
>> Bootstrapped and tested on Darwin.  (The !POWERPC variants are
>> included, analogous to what was already there, but I was unable
>> to test them.)
>> 2001-12-04  Dale Johannesen   <>
>>          * config/rs6000/  add more multiply-add patterns
> Good work. I've been playing around with these also....

Thanks, Turly O'Connor actually did most of the work on this one.

> There's one instruction missing in rs6000.h but I have no clue
> which CPUs exactly provide the "srec" mnemonic so I refrained from
> posting the patch (AFAIR :)) which is 74x0 specific right now.
> Do you have a possibility to check that (and also the clock times)?

That's not in my 7400 or 7450 scheduling specs, so I assume it's
an assembler pseudo, not an instruction.  Then it would depend on
the assembler, which is a question of OS not CPU.  Apple's doesn't
list it.

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