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Re: PATCH: Add objc-lang.c, further cleanup - TAKE TWO

Ziemowit Laski wrote:
> This patch moves the lang_hooks machinery from objc-act.c to
> a newly-created objc-lang.c, for symmetry with other front-ends.
> Also, a real hash function (i.e., one based on the value rather
> than the address) has been provided for storing message
> selectors.  Finally, typos and copyright notices have been
> corrected here and there.
> Per Neil's suggestion, I've removed the call to maybe_add_objc_tree_codes
> from c-lang.c and placed it in objc-act.c.
> Bootstrapped successfully on i686-pc-linux-gnu, no regressions.
> OK to commit?

This looks good, please go ahead and commit it.  Might as well
take the opportunity to put the ^L on a line by itself:

! ^L/* Compute a hash value for a given method SEL_NAME.  */

Incidentally, I understand the purpose of hash_func is to use
something more predictable than the raw address of a tree node,
but this does entail a speed hit.  Did you ever get any numbers
for the effect on the processing of a large ObjC header, like
OS X or GNUstep Foundation.h or AppKit.h?


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