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Re: Fix for regression in gcc.c-torture/execute/20011114-1.c

On Nov 30, 2001, Richard Henderson <> wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 01:24:16PM -0600, Corey Minyard wrote:
>> This regression as been annoying me, so I fixed it.

> Heh.  I worked on that one last night as well, but hadn't
> gotten back to look at the overnight test results until now.

>> if (! different_binding_level)
>> -	    DECL_INITIAL (newdecl) = DECL_INITIAL (olddecl);
>> +	    {
>> +	      DECL_INITIAL (newdecl) = DECL_INITIAL (olddecl);
>> +	      DECL_SAVED_TREE (newdecl) = DECL_SAVED_TREE (olddecl);
>> +	    }
>> DECL_SAVED_INSNS (newdecl) = DECL_SAVED_INSNS (olddecl);

> I think it's more correct to copy DECL_SAVED_TREE along with
> DECL_SAVED_INSNS, which is not conditionalized.  Which is 
> exactly the patch that I have.

Does it fix c-torture/execute/930603-1.c too?

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