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Re: flow patch for building ia64

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 09:14:22AM -0700, wrote:
> Which of the magic pseudos should be clear? 

CCV, PFS, and UNAT are call used; SP FP RA LC EC are call saved.

> Are there simply numerous places which reference call_used 
> or some derivitive that also should have FIXED registers or'd in
> as well?

That's one part of it.  The other part is that you'd need to 
update all of the backends.

> + static char call_really_used_regs[] = CALL_REALLY_USED_REGISTERS;
> + #endif

Suggest you always define this array, falling back to call_used
registers.  Also, -fcall-used will need to modify this, so it
can't be static.

> +    Until this problem has been 
> +    resolved this macro can be used to overcome the situation
> +    where we have a number of 'symbolic' registers at the end
> +    of the fixed register list,

Symbolic registers have nothing to do with this.  LC and EC
are real hard registers and we're not treating them live 
across calls.


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