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Re: Another 3 debug hooks

David Edelsohn wrote:-

> 	I don't know why thoes declarations and definitions are in the
> xcoffout.[ch] files at all.  Those were present from the earliest port to
> rs6000.  I did have luck moving the declarations and definitions to
> rs6000.[ch], if you would prefer that over including xcoffout.[ch].
> 	With the move of dbxout_global_decl outside the ifdef, I still see
> the following warnings:
> dbxout.c:596: warning: `dbxout_source_line' defined but not used
> dbxout.c:384: warning: `dbxout_function_end' defined but not used
> dbxout.c:2835: warning: `dbxout_begin_function' defined but not used

Yes, I saw those too.  However, I had half an hour to do something
before leaving for work, and knowing I'd be out all evening, so I just
wanted to get a bootstrap working.

If those declarations are rs6000-specific, and moving them would allow
the revertion of the #includes again, then I think that's a worthwhile
goal.  I'll come up with a patch, that also fixes those warnings,
sometime in the not-too-distant future.


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