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Re: Re: gcc/gcc/config/s390 fixdfdi.h linux.h linux64. ...

> On 13 Jul 2001 wrote:

Joseph, sorry for that very late response. I didn't your note due to
some mailtool setup problems.

>>   * config/s390/s390.c: New. Subroutines for code generation.
>>   * config/s390/s390.h: New. Definitions for s/390.
>>   * config/s390/s390-protos.h: New. Prototypes.
>>   * config/s390/linux.h: New. Definitions for linux for s/390.
>>   * config/s390/linux64.h: New. Definitions for linux for zSeries.
>>   * config/s390/t-linux: New. Makefile fragment.
>>   * config/s390/ New. Machine description for s/390 and zSeries.
>>   * config/s390/fixdfdi.h: New. Fix L_fix*di.

> This checkin appears to be incomplete; you haven't checked in the
> documentation for the new target options in invoke.texi.  You probably
> ought also to add documentation in md.texi under "Machine Constraints".

We will release the various documentation within the next days.

> config/s390/linux.h appears to define some macros that have moved to the

Yes, I have missed to delete it, when I did the rework from 2.95 to 3.1.
I will do it soon.

> Why are you using old-style tm_file specification in config.gcc
> (specifying a single file, which then #includes others) rather than
> new-style (specifying a list of files)?

Like above, need to rework that, will do it soon.

> --
> Joseph S. Myers

Mit freundlichem Gruß / Best regards,

Hartmut Penner
GCC for S/390 Development

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