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Re: [PATCH] Fix IA-64 _Unwind_FindTableEntry (GCC 3.0.1 vs GLIBC 2.2.4 solution part)

>>>>> "Jakub" == Jakub Jelinek <> writes:

Jakub> On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 12:23:19PM +0100, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> Jakub Jelinek writes:
>> > 
>> > This patch, which depends on >
>> > being
>> added to GLIBC, fixes _Unwind_FindTableEntry.
>> Does this break gcc on platforms with an earlier glibc?

Jakub> This is an IA-64 only patch. It adds requirement that GCC 3.0.1
Jakub> requirement can be only compiled on IA-64 with GLIBC 2.2.4+, but
Jakub> not on other arches.  AFAIK Jes had nothing against having the
Jakub> GCC 3.0.1 dependancy on GLIBC 2.2.4. If that causes trouble to
Jakub> anyone, some configure check could be added and a different (but
Jakub> broken) fde-glibc implementation could be used it GCC was not
Jakub> built on GLIBC 2.2.4+. Something like: weak_extern (_DYNAMIC);

Just to confirm: I see no problem in requiring glibc-2.2.4 for people
who wants to use gcc-3.0.1. As it is right now, they can't really use
3.0.x on the ia64 anyway.


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