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Re: patch for handling NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABELS in scheduling

>> Does this happen only at -O3?  In that case, I'd argue that this is

Yes, -O3 only.

>> actually valid behaviour from the compiler.  Since we never jump to
>> the label, we are relatively free to reorder move it around in the
>> function (otherwise we wouldn't have deleted it in the first place).
>> The test is trying to verify that doit has been inlined, and expects
>> to find two different copies of the label (one in f, one in g).
>> With -O3, we inline both f and g.

>> All a NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABEL really means is that we must emit a
>> label, somewhere, so that we don't get undefined references.  Where
>> we place the label shouldn't really matter.

I dont have particularly strong feelings one way or another, but
if you have a choice of emitting the deleted label in the correct place
or the incorrect place and its not much effort to emit it in the correct
place, why not simply do that... 

Anyway, I can punt on the patch if thats what we decide we want to do,
then XFAIL it for ia64...


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