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Re: [g77 testsuite] Intrinsic function tests

"Billinghurst, David (CRTS)" wrote:

> Some additional tests for intrinsic functions.  The Bessel function and
> error function may not be available on all plaforms, so we will need to
> XFAIL them on unsupported platforms
> A number of tests for BESJN and BESYN are commented out in
> intrinsic-unix-bessel.f, as they would not compile on cygwin or irix6.5.
> The documentation for these functions is a little vague, but the source code
> indicates that all integer types are acceptable arguments.  I w^Hi^Hl^Hl^H
> plan to follow these up seperately.
> 2001-07-24  David Billinghurst <>
>         * g77.f-torture/execute/intrinsic-unix-bessel.f: New test
>         * g77.f-torture/execute/intrinsic-unix-erf.f: New test
>         * g77.f-torture/execute/intrinsic-vax-cd.f: New test
>         * g77.f-torture/execute/intrinsic-f2c-z.f: New test

Installed - thanks !

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