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Re: [PATCH] Change default max-inline-insns to 100

--On Sunday, July 22, 2001 12:59:12 PM +0200 Franz Sirl 
<> wrote:

> On Friday 20 July 2001 20:00, Daniel Berlin wrote:
>> 2001-07-20  Daniel Berlin  <>
>> 	* params.def: Change default max inline insns to 100.
> Note that this causes a warning flood when compiling glibc, as there
> 'inline'  is used  on a lot of large C functions to structure the code
> (and we  recommend people to do that instead of macros :-) )

Well, we don't recommned it for *large* functions -- except that if
the function is only used in one place then it makes sense.  Ideally,
GCC would detect that the function is only used in one place, since
then inlining it probably makes sense even if it is big.  But, it isn't
that smart.

> Is there a way to relax the test  on user-specified  ''inline' in C?

I assume glibc is using -Wno-inline?  In that case, add `--param 
max-inline-insns=10000' to get back the old behavior.  That
should be put in the glibc Makefiles, for GCC >= 3.0.

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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