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Re: 3 debug hooks for begin_function

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 08:03:01AM +0100, Neil Booth wrote:
> >     notice_source_line (first);
> >   high_block_linenum = high_function_linenum = last_linenum;
> I've done the above.  Note that the high_block_linenum stuff was in
> the if() too, and is made redundant by the call to notice_source_line,
> so I've removed it.

No, the high_* stuff is modified via MAX in notice_source_line.
That's not the same as a direct assignment.

> dwarf2out_begin_prologue() does those checks itself, and some other
> stuff unconditionally, so I've left out that part to retain semantics.

Oh, right.

> -dwarf2out_begin_prologue ()
> +dwarf2out_begin_prologue (line, file)
> +     unsigned int line ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED;
> +     const char *file ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED;
>  {

You didn't modify dwarf2out_begin_prologue to call 
dwarf2out_source_line under appropriate conditions.

> +  /* Defer on MIPS systems so that parameter descriptions follow
> +     function entry.  */
> +  sdbout_source_line,		/* begin_prologue */
> +  sdbout_end_prologue,		/* end_prologue */
> +#else
> +  sdbout_begin_prologue,	/* begin_prologue */
> +  debug_nothing_int,		/* end_prologue */
> +#endif

Yes, I know the existing code calls source_line for MIPS here,
but by inspection this is incorrect.  One can see this because
sdbout_source_line uses sdb_begin_function_line, which is set
by sdbout_begin_prologue.

There are probably no MIPS ECOFF systems (Ultrix or Iris 4)
still running on which to notice this sort of error.


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