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Re: [v3] new version of the porting guide

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 11:22:59AM -0400, Phil Edwards wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 05:29:02PM +0100, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> > In that case we should have the source in CVS - just as free software
> > needs source code to be included, so does free documentation.
> I've added Felix to the Cc: list on this message (and we should probably
> move the discussion to the library list if it gets much longer).  Felix, can
> we get the porting-howto master document for the repository?  It probably
> doesn't need to be linked to or directly referenced, if that makes it
> easier, but it would be nice to have in the tree.

Felix has sent me the XML source, and I've checked it in, trunk and branch:

2001-07-11   Felix Natter  <>

	* docs/html/17_intro/porting-howto.xml:  Initial checkin of
	master copy.
	* docs/html/17_intro/porting-howto.html:  check in v0.9.3

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