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Re: [PATCH] Add v3 mangler tests to libiberty

I proofread this and it looks good to me.  I selected 4 names at random
and hand-checked them using the ABI spec.

  std::logic_error::logic_error(std::string const&)


  std::string::find_first_not_of(char, unsigned) const

  std::moneypunct_byname<char, true>::~moneypunct_byname()

I tested on two platforms: native i686-pc-linux-gnu (red hat linux 7)
and native sparc-sun-solaris2.8.  I used a CVS pull dated 2001-06-30
from gcc-3_0-branch.  On both platforms, 'make check' reports:

  All 4651 tests passed

I have some enhancement requests:

. add a comment referring to the "C++ ABI for Itanium" document:

. add a comment documenting where the test cases came from

. add a comment indicating whether we expect these test cases to
  cover the spec (my guess is that no one has checked and they
  probably don't).

With a little more documentation, I recommend this pach for approval.


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