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Re: with_cross_host vs cross-hosted

On Jul  5, 2001, DJ Delorie <> wrote:

> + are build on (@dfn{build}), the machine that you are building for

> + on the build at that time).  If host and target are the same, but build
> + is different, you are using a cross-compiler to build a native for a
> + different system.  Some people call this a @dfn{crossed native} or a
> + @dfn{cross-built native}

or host-x-host, right?

> + If build and host are the same, the gcc you are building will also be
> + used to build the target libraries (like libstdc++).  If build and host
> + are different, you must have already build and installed a cross
> + compiler that will be used to build the target libraries (if you
> + configured with @code{--target=foo-bar}, this compiler will be called
> + @code{foo-bar-gcc}).

How about adding some information about cross builds here too, so that
we get fewer questions from people not having previously
built&installed binutils, or not having the target headers and
libraries around?

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