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error+fancy_abort -> internal_error in varray.c

varray_check_failed needs to use internal_error so it gives the
"please submit bug report" message, not the "confused by earlier
errors" message.

I'd be applying this as obvious but I can't bootstrap right now.  My
connectivity is spotty right now - I'd appreciate it if someone could
apply this for me once the tree gets fixed again.

zw     I was putting away groceries in our kitchen when I got to the
       cabbages and thought "this needs to be tossed into air, preferably
       without looking up first."
       	-- James Nicoll

	* varray.c (varray_check_failed): Use internal_error.

Index: varray.c
--- varray.c	2000/11/07 22:49:54	1.9
+++ varray.c	2001/07/05 19:58:40
@@ -84,9 +84,9 @@ varray_check_failed (va, n, file, line, 
      int line;
      const char *function;
-  error("Virtual array %s[%lu]: element %lu out of bounds",
-	va->name, (unsigned long) va->num_elements, (unsigned long) n);
-  fancy_abort (file, line, function);
+  internal_error ("Virtual array %s[%lu]: element %lu out of bounds in %s, at %s:%d",
+		  va->name, (unsigned long) va->num_elements, (unsigned long) n,
+		  function, trim_filename (file), line);

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