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Re: More cpp.texi updates

--On Sunday, July 01, 2001 11:47:04 PM -0700 Zack Weinberg 
<zackw@Stanford.EDU> wrote:

>> > My feeling is that, if we have a generated file in our CVS repository,
>> > it should be up-to-date all of the time.
>> I agree.  Also, I think that we should make this statement false
>> by making the antecedent false for virtuall all files.  I could
>> even see getting rid of `configure' (shoot me, so there), but
>> definitely the man pages.  Kill 'em.  Patch pre-approved.
> Then they need to be generated into the snapshots.  I can do that,
> except I've never been clear on how the snapshots are made, can
> someone enlighten me?

They're currently made by a cronjob run as `law' (or maybe `gccadmin'?)
on  They *should* be made by the gcc_release script,
which is designed to handle snapshots as wel as releases.  However,
there are some known not-finished-yet bits, I think -- although Joseph
is now more up on it than I, probably.

I would like the snapshot builds to be exactly like the release builds,
except for version numbers, the directory where we place them, and
a few other minor things -- but in terms of how we make the tarfiles
it ought to be exactly the same.  That way, we can have confidence
in our packaging process without having to reexamine it before a
release; we will just now that since the snapshots worked, the release
will work too.

As for man pages in particular, we should build man pages as
part of a normal `make bootstrap'.  In this context, the documentation
is just another program we build when build the compiler.  The fact
that some documentation is now manually created by the gcc_release
script represents lameness in our normal build process.  And, if you
build man pages as part of the build, and put them in the source directory, 
then the gcc_release script will automatically package them up for you in 
snapshots, since it does a full bootstrap and  then tars up the source 

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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