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Re: PATCH: Handle the shared libgcc is a system library

   From: "H . J . Lu" <> 
   Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 10:50:17 -0700 

   2001-07-01  H.J. Lu  (

   * (slibdir): Set according to if the shared libgcc
   library is a system shared library.
   * configure: Rebuild.

   * gcc.c (compiler_release): New string for the compiler
   (option_map): Add --release/-dumprelease.
   (display_help): Add -dumprelease.
   (process_command): Initialize compiler_release and handle

I think I raised objections to an earlier incarnation of this patch
before.  The first part introduces some dark magic to choose where the
shared libgcc is installed based on whether such a beast has already
been installed or not.  Daniel Jacobowitz already raised some
objections to it, and frankly I fail to grasp why this stuff should be

HJ says the second bit is necessary because: "--version couldn't
tell the different releases of the same version".  That of course, is
only an issue when you're using snapshots, and installing a snapshot
as your system compiler seems a bad idea to me anyway.


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