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Re: Objective C lexer - small cleanup

I've now applied the original patch.  Also, I found a place in
cpplib.c where we were doing an unnecessary test for leading '@'
in identifiers (which never happens, since we've decided that that
doesn't work).

Bootstrapped i686-linux.

A word about references to the C standard: "" is ambiguous.
It could mean paragraph 4 of section 6.10.8, or all of section  I prefer to indicate that the last digit is a paragraph
number, "6.10.8p4".

The C++ standard nicely avoids this problem by giving all the sections

zw   Actually, we have scientifically determined that Heisenberg did indeed
     sleep exactly here. However, we have no idea whatsoever just how fast
     asleep he was.
     	-- Dave Aronson

	* cpplib.c (lex_macro_node): Remove unnecessary check for
	leading '@' on identifier.  Clarify control flow and commentary.

Index: cpplib.c
--- cpplib.c	2001/05/27 18:06:00	1.253
+++ cpplib.c	2001/07/01 18:45:01
@@ -438,14 +438,17 @@ lex_macro_node (pfile)
      cpp_reader *pfile;
   cpp_token token;
+  cpp_hashnode *node;
   /* Lex the macro name directly.  */
   _cpp_lex_token (pfile, &token);
   /* The token immediately after #define must be an identifier.  That
-     identifier is not allowed to be "defined".  See predefined macro
-     names (  In C++, it is not allowed to be any of the
-     <iso646.h> macro names (which are keywords in C++) either.  */
+     identifier may not be "defined", per C99 6.10.8p4.
+     In C++, it may not be any of the "named operators" either,
+     per C++98 [lex.digraph], [lex.key].
+     Finally, the identifier may not have been poisoned.  (In that case
+     the lexer has issued the error message for us.)  */
   if (token.type != CPP_NAME)
@@ -454,25 +457,26 @@ lex_macro_node (pfile)
       else if (token.flags & NAMED_OP)
 	cpp_error (pfile,
-		   "\"%s\" cannot be used as a macro name as it is an operator in C++",
+	   "\"%s\" cannot be used as a macro name as it is an operator in C++",
 		   NODE_NAME (token.val.node));
 	cpp_error (pfile, "macro names must be identifiers");
+      return 0;
-  else
-    {
-      cpp_hashnode *node = token.val.node;
-      /* In Objective C, some keywords begin with '@', but general
-	 identifiers do not, and you're not allowed to #define them.  */
-      if (node == pfile->spec_nodes.n_defined || NODE_NAME (node)[0] == '@')
-	cpp_error (pfile, "\"%s\" cannot be used as a macro name",
-		   NODE_NAME (node));
-      else if (!(node->flags & NODE_POISONED))
-	return node;
+  node = token.val.node;
+  if (node->flags & NODE_POISONED)
+    return 0;
+  if (node == pfile->spec_nodes.n_defined)
+    {
+      cpp_error (pfile, "\"%s\" cannot be used as a macro name",
+		 NODE_NAME (node));
+      return 0;
-  return 0;
+  return node;
 /* Process a #define directive.  Most work is done in cppmacro.c.  */

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