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Re: 3.0 PATCH RFC: Major Solaris 2 configuration cleanup

On May 28, 2001, Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> wrote:

> If this is in scope for 3.0, I'll continue working on this now

I'm afraid it isn't.  It certainly doesn't fix any outrageous bugs,
and we shouldn't take the risk of introducing new ones with only two
weekly snapshots remaining before 3.0 final.

> One question about proper config file style up front: there seem to be two
> lines of thought here, one having the config files include others and
> config.gcc only specifying the last (most specific one) in the chain, the
> other specifying the whole chain in config.gcc and no config file including
> any other, if at all possible.  I've mostly followed the second one here,
> but will certainly adapt to whatever is considered right.

The second is better, because it lets the Makefiles and the developers
see all dependencies (you don't have to go opening long chains of
header files to find out whether a certain piece of configuration is
in use, or why the heck it isn't).

> * i386/sol2gas.h and GAS_REJECTS_MINUS_S are gone.  This file supports a
>   long-obsolete version of gas (  Since anyone can easily use
>   the vendor as or upgrade to a newer binutils version (which might well be
>   required for proper DWARF-2/EH support anyway), I don't think it's useful
>   keeping this cruft.  If this should be considered desirable nonetheless,
>   I suggest turning this into an autoconf test instead.

Let's keep it for 3.0 (fro the reasons above).  I agree it can be
removed from 3.1.

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