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Re: 3.0 PATCH RFC: Major Solaris 2 configuration cleanup

On May 29, 2001, Paul Eggert <> wrote:

> I don't have a Solaris 2.6 host available right now to test with, but
> looking through the output of GCC 2.95.3 I suspect that even in 2.95.3
> the problem is obsolete: i.e. I suspect that GCC 2.95.3 doesn't
> generate .s files that trigger the Sun bug, and I suspect that later
> GCCs are similar.

Well, Dwarf2 debugging info may still contain misaligned references
(and forever they will; that's just the way Dwarf2 debugging info is),
so I don't see how the compiler might avoid emitting references that
would trigger the assembler/linker bug.  Do you have any indication
that this is no longer the case?

> If you like, I can further investigate this tomorrow by resurrecting
> a Solaris 2.6 host and trying to reproduce the bug there.

I do have access to a Solaris 2.6 machine, and, indeed, I can't
reproduce the problem you had reported using GCC 2.95.  However, this
doesn't mean much.  It may well be the case that whatever work-around
is in place because of LINKER_DOES_NOT_WORK_WITH_DWARF2 is doing its
job and avoiding the problem.  Unfortunately, I no longer have gcc
2.8.* on this machine to compare the assembly input that triggered the
problem with the one I get now.

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