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Re: SUN make and gcc 3.0

On May 28, 2001, Hans-Peter Nilsson <> wrote:

>> From: Alexandre Oliva <>
>> Date: 28 May 2001 18:48:34 -0300

>> On May 21, 2001, Hans-Peter Nilsson <> wrote:
>> > toplevel:
>> > 	* (libstdcxx_flags): Do not try to execute
>> > 	libstdc++-v3/testsuite_flags until it exists.  Make command always
>> > 	succeed.
>> This is Ok, but I'd rather have the test condition reversed, to avoid
>> the `|| true'.  Please consider the further change pre-approved.

> Will do, though using "|| true" seems to be used elsewhere to
> similarly assert success.

I wouldn't mind having those cleaned up too :-D

>> Instead of removing the test, I'd
>> rather add another case that tests for Solaris' make and accepts it.
>> I suppose testing whether $build matches *-solaris* would be good
>> enough.

> The requested change looks like the patch needs to be
> resubmitted.

Only this particular change, yes.

> Should this go on the 3.0 branch?

I had understood that Mark had asked you to make this change for 3.0.
If this is not the case, it can certainly wait for 3.1.  Not that this
is a high-impact change, though.  It's actually mostly clean-up work,
which I wouldn't mind having in 3.0, but I don't think it meets the
criteria to make it acceptable for the branch :-(

>> Thanks for doing this!  Sorry about the long delay :-(

> No prob, I didn't expect it reviewed.

Ok, I take the review back, then :-D :-D

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