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Re: autoconf 2.50 updates - libjava

On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 12:50:49PM -0700, Anthony Green wrote:
> Zack wrote:
> > Continuing to break things up by directory.  libjava isn't set up for
> > cross compilation, which makes life easier (no LIB_AC_PROG_CC to deal
> > with). 
> How do you mean?  I cross compile libjava periodically.

Some of the libraries can't safely use AC_PROG_CC or any other
autoconf test that tries to link a program, because their configure
script may run at an awkward time in the construction of a
cross-compiler and target libraries.  If the driver in link mode tries
to pull in libraries that haven't been built yet, all link tests will
appear to fail.  We have various kluges to deal with this, all of
which play fast and loose with autoconf internals and therefore break
with autoconf 2.50.

libjava doesn't have any of these kluges.  I don't know enough about
gcj to say whether this is because it doesn't encounter the problem,
or because the problem exists and hasn't been dealt with yet.  For my
purposes it simply means that updating the configure script for 2.50
compatibility is easier.  (I'm not raising the prerequisite version
yet; 2.13 will continue to work.)

zw                I'm on a spaceship full of college students.
                  	-- Martin "PCHammer" Rose

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