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Re: other/2857: i18n, translations does not work

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 07:26:22PM +0200, Dennis Bjorklund wrote:
> 1.
>    Contains files that does not exist any more. Every
>    time a file gets deleted or when a file that contains
>    strings to be translated is added, one must update

I took out the missing files.  I'm thinking about a way to avoid
having to have this file at all.  Stay tuned.

> 2.
>    The --defines flag to xgettext must be deleted since it does
>    not exist.


> 3. gcc.pot
>    Can be deleted from the cvs since it can be recreated with
>    a "make update-po" in the po directory.
>    Now when I do it the size of this file is comparabel with
>    the size of the cvs version so I guess they are almost
>    the same. The cvs version is 9 months old so you
>    can't really expect them to be exactly the same. Some
>    strings surely have changed during this time :-)

This is a question of what would be most useful to you and other
translators.  The .po files need to remain in CVS since they are
created by humans, but perhaps it would be okay to get rid of the .pot
file entirely.  As you say, you can do make update-po and get the
specific .po file you care about updated, and one can always create
gcc.pot explicitly to begin a new translation with.

On the other hand, it might be more useful to have a known place to
work from, which would argue for leaving gcc.pot in CVS and updating
it periodically.

> 4. When one builds the files outside the source directory
>    one expects that the source directory should not be
>    altered. In the case of gcc.pot it's not true and this
>    file is created in the source directory.

General problem with lots of files, not just gcc.pot.  If we're taking
gcc.pot out of CVS then I don't think it needs to be in snapshots
either, so it could be moved to the build directory.

zw    The phrase causes storage to be reserved, doesn't mean that it causes
      storage to be reserved.  This is a fundamental misunderstanding of
      	-- Mike Stump

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