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Re: PATCH [v4]: Support the FreeBSD 5.0 system thread library model

In article <>,
Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:

> The GCC 3.0 branch works fine, but for mainline I started getting the
> following build failure today:

The patches are not on the 3.0 branch yet for exactly this reason. ;-)

> /files/pfeifer/OBJ-0523-1404/gcc/xgcc -B/files/pfeifer/OBJ-0523-1404/gcc/ -B/sw/test/gcc/FreeBSD/i386-unknown-freebsd4.3/bin/ -B/sw/test/gcc/FreeBSD/i386-unknown-freebsd4.3/lib/ -isystem /sw/test/gcc/FreeBSD/i386-unknown-freebsd4.3/include -shared .libs/ -Wl,--whole-archive ../libffi/.libs/libfficonvenience.a ./libltdl/.libs/libltdlc.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive  -L/files/pfeifer/OBJ-0523-1404/i386-unknown-freebsd4.3/libjava ../libffi/.libs/libfficonvenience.a -lpthread ./libltdl/.libs/libltdlc.a    -Wl,-soname -Wl, -o .libs/
> /usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -lpthread

> As this might be related to your recent FreeBSD-related changes, I
> thought I'd contact you privately first...

Thank you for contacting me directly (I am taking the liberty to CC
the list with this reply).  This is a known problem.  libjava doesn't
build with --enable-threads which is now the default for FreeBSD to
match our system compiler (I have seen more than a few bug reports
from people that misconfigured their FSF gcc to replace /usr/bin/gcc).

I suspect that you provided --enable-libgcj at configure time.  I have
an approved patch to allow libjava(libgcj) to build, but it is a
kludge that I am embarrassed to apply.

Would you like me to overcome my embarrassment and apply my approved
yet junky libjava patch or do you mind excluding that configure-time
option (or you can add --disable-threads to get back where you were
before the configuration patch).


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