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Standardize header guards

It's not often that your first patch for a project is 3000 lines
long.  :-)

The attached patch bootstraps on i686-pc-linux-gnu.  The changes to
the chill directory are, of course, untested, due to the chill
compilers non-functional status.  

I used GCC_FILENAME_H everywhere, except where there was likely to be
a namespace conflict, for example, with files named lex.h, and then I
used GCC_DIR_FILENAME_H.  For the fortran directory, since they had
all previously had _f_ in the header guards, I used GCC_F_FILENAME_EXT

There were a few I didn't change.  limit[xy].h have header guards that
have to have the same name as various defines in the system limits.h,
so those can't be changed.  Also, the header guard in glimits.h was
more complicated enough that given the problems with the other limits
files, I didn't change it.  

This patch touches 130 header files, but they're all really simple
changes, so I hope someone can look at it all.

Since I don't have a copyright assignment on file, all copyright on
the patch is hereby renounced, and the entire patch is placed into the
public domain.  I don't think it will be useful for anyone else.  
sam th --- ---
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