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Re: Minor dbxout.c changes (Richard Kenner) writes:

>     the automated tester found:
>     The new failures are:
>     powerpc-eabisim gdb.sum gdb.c++/ovldbreak.exp:
> Are you sure that's my change?  There are a lot of other changes in
> that batch.
>     I don't really understand the interaction between stabs, c++, and
>     overloaded functions.  Could you look at it?
> I don't understand it *at all*, but I'll see if I can see anything
> obvious.

Don't bother.  C++ overloading with stabs is a hack at best, anyway.

For STABS, we first smash together some pieces to make a mangled name,
demanlge it, parse the arguments as if they were gdb expressions, to
attempt to get types from the arguments, and generate argument type
info from this.  This is just the beginning of the fun, but you can
already see how fragile it is.
You could have changed something simple, like, well, anything, and it
would break.  

The solution is to not use stabs with C++.  Don't kill yourself trying
to fix it, I don't spent more than 5 minutes on STABS+C++ bug reports
against gdb, because of how much time they tend to waste (there are
too many layers of bogosity involved).

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