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Re: validate_replace_rtx_1 fix

On Thu, May 17, 2001 at 08:56:31PM +0200, Jan Hubicka wrote:

I'm afraid I have more grammar nitpicks for you:

> +   /* Constants always come the second operand.  Prefer "nice" constants.  */

This sentence no verb.

  /* Constants always come second.  Prefer "nice" constants.  */

> +   /* SUBREGs of objects should come second.  */

Clarify this:
/* If neither operand is constant, SUBREGs of objects should come second.  */

> +   /* If only one operand is a `neg', `not',
> +     `mult', `plus', or `minus' expression, it will be the first
> +     operand.  */

It *will be* implies it already is, which is not the case.

/* If only one operand is a NEG, NOT, MULT, PLUS, or MINUS expression,
   put that operand first.  */

Maybe you should also say why these get priority over ordinary complex
expressions (simplifier does better?)

> +   /* Complex expressions should be the first.  */

No "the" in this sentence.  /* Complex operands should come first */
is consistent with the rest of the comments.

> + /* Return 1 iff it is neccesary to swap operands of commutative operation
> +    in order to canonicalize expression.  */

Needs an 'a' before 'commutative' and a 'the' before 'canonicalize'.

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