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Re: Limited success with 3.0 branch on AIX

On May 16,  4:06pm, David Edelsohn wrote:

> 	What exactly is the "gcc2_compiled." symbol used to enable in GDB?
> How much will it hurt if GDB debugs a GCC-compiled application and does
> not know it was compiled with GCC?

As noted in past email, generic_use_struct_convention() uses this
information.  But, after studying the code again, I've concluded that
the value that this function returns will be the same regardless of
whether "gcc2_compiled." is defined or not.

Also, we have the following comment from symtab.h:

    /* Version of GCC used to compile the function corresponding
       to this block, or 0 if not compiled with GCC.  When possible,
       GCC should be compatible with the native compiler, or if that
       is not feasible, the differences should be fixed during symbol
       reading.  As of 16 Apr 93, this flag is never used to distinguish
       between gcc2 and the native compiler.

       If there is no function corresponding to this block, this meaning
       of this flag is undefined.  */

    unsigned char gcc_compile_flag;

So, if this comment can be believed, gdb's behavior should be the same
regardless of whether or not "gcc2_compiled." is defined.

My conclusion is that GDB won't be hurt at all (for AIX on Power or
PowerPC) if "gcc2_compiled." is left undefined.


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