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Re: Limited success with 3.0 branch on AIX

>>>>> Elena Zannoni writes:

Elena> Is there a reason behind this, I mean, a technical problem? (I am not
Elena> familiar with the scenarion, sorry). Or, it has not been implemented
Elena> but it could be?

	There is no fundamental technical obstacle, but it is not
implemented now.  I can request the feature be added to the AIX Assembler,
but it is not going to be available on any timeframe necessary for the GCC
3.0 release.

	A feature supporting this extension also is not available in the
GNU Assembler.  It might be easier to get something into GNU as, but it is
not compatible with older versions of GNU as (can you say autoconf test
for a particular feature?).  And the assembly output will not be
compatible with the AIX Assembler.

	This does not seem like an important enough problem to break
compatibility with the AIX assembler and/or require the GNU Assembler for
any source code compiled with debugging enabled.

	The GNU Compiler cannot simply require an unimplemented feature in
the assembler without previously having the feature in the product plan
for the assembler.


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