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On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 06:02:53PM -0700, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> This patch fixes eb91.C on Solaris, a regression from GCC 2.95.x.  We
> really need to use CPLUSCPLUS_CPP_SPEC, not os_defines.h, to define
> _LARGEFILE_SOURCE, etc., since we don't control inclusion order.

os_defines.h predates CPLUSCPLUS_CPP_SPEC by many moons; I don't think
anyone would have a problem with moving from one to the other en masse.

Somebody once mentioned the possibility of having cc1plus always initially
include os_defines.h, period, for every compilation.  Thus _LARGEFILE_SOURCE
and whatnot would always be defined.  This would allow easier maintainance,
for one thing, compared to messing with specs.

A friend of mine implemented this, sortof, as a beginner's project.
It seems simple enough to do, but was breaking local builds, so we never
cleaned it up for submission.

Is this a viable idea?

> (Actually, in the long term, we need to make V3 tolerant of whatever
> combination of macros the user wants to use, but that's another
> problem.)

Yes and yes.


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