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Re: C++ ptrmemfun break if FUNCTION_BOUNDARY < 2 * BITS_PER_UNIT

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Berlin <> writes:

> And when it comes to C++ stuf, i refuse to hard code any more stuff, after
> just spending months cleaning up the crud from 5 years of doing that.

>> Either the v3 ABI would need to specify the exact mechanism that is
>> valid for ISA foo (i.e. GDB would would be wired to assume that all MIPS
>> use mechanism XYZ) or the debug/object info would need to describe the
>> mechanism being used so that GDB could adjust its self accordingly.

> It's easiest to do this in debug info.
> At least, for dwarf (I dunno how to do the same in stabs).
> In the type die of the ptr-to-member die, just add a GCC specific
> attribute that says which bit to check for virtuality, and i'll modify
> gdb to handle it right (by telling the C++ ABI abstraction layer which
> bit to check)

So you'll hardcode the two possible representations, and rely on GCC to
tell you which one to use?  I suppose that's reasonable.

I'd rather put any special ABI attributes in the DW_TAG_compilation_unit,
to avoid repetition.


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