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Re: Undefined "_eprintf"

On 18-Jun-2037, Richard Kenner, GNU C Maintainer <> wrote:
> I know this has been discussed, but I just ran into it.
> I did a normal "make bootstrap" and the stage1 build of f/fini has that
> undefined symbol.  I think it's coming in via an include of assert.h from
> the installed GCC, which was a few-week old top-of-tree.

How about reverting the part of the change which removed _eprintf from

The changes to not install assert.h are fine and good.
But removing _eprintf() from libgcc.a breaks gcc's C ABI.

Many people distribute libraries of object files built from C sources,
and compiled with gcc.  Many of these libraries use assert().
If _eprintf() is removed from libgcc.a, then libraries compiled
with earlier versions of GNU C won't work with GCC 3.0.

Oh, I see this has also been discussed on gcc-patches.
I hope the above provides a convincing argument why _eprintf()
should be retained in libgcc.a.  It's all very well to clean
up libgcc.a while changing the C++ ABI, but any such changes
should preserve the C ABI.

Fergus Henderson <>  |  "I have always known that the pursuit
                                    |  of excellence is a lethal habit"
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