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Re: Merge cpplib and front end hashtables, part 1

Joseph S. Myers wrote:-

> Perhaps cpp0 could go away, in favour of an option to cc1 that makes it
> act like cpp0?
> Why I think this might be a good idea: at present, specs define many
> macros such as __CHAR_UNSIGNED__ based on command line options, but since
> the driver doesn't use the same command line option parsing for these as
> cc1 uses, the macros can get out of step with cc1's internal variables.  
> A reliable way of avoiding this problem would be for macros to be defined
> based on cc1's internal variables, after cc1 has parsed the command line.  
> But this needs to work with -E as well - which would mean cpp0 getting
> cc1's initialisation.

Hmm.  Are you referring to things like ordering of options on the
command line and macros based on what comes last, and other fun?  This
would address some of the issues, but many would still remain.  They
could all be handled with a different driver model, but I've not spent
much time on the driver stuff I proposed last year.


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