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Re: Documentation generation patch [Take 2]

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Stan Shebs wrote:

> The easy way to cheat on this is just to lift everything from gdb/doc,
> which has been using a separate subdir for years.  It has all the
> different targets etc.  There are some anachronisms because of its
> age, so best to review specific bits before pulling them over.  I'm
> pretty familiar with it, so can help if people want.

I'd rather, for GCC, for the doc directory to provide a
equivalent - that is, a makefile fragment that goes in a single Makefile 
that runs from the directory above.  (Note that languages other than Chill 
have got rid of their files and only use

We should for GCC presume Texinfo 4.0 or greater (already required for
info generation, and the info files should be included in release
tarballs).  We should also preferably use texi2dvi in place of manual
texindex etc. if possible, use its -I option to find sources, and so on.

The obscure scripts that install info files if present - and are slightly
different every place they occur - really need to move out to a separate
shell script from the Makefiles, as per Zack's proposals for cleaner

Joseph S. Myers

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