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Re: PATCH: Objective-C testsuite on Solaris 2.8

In article <>:
> > 2001-05-11  Mark Mitchell  <>
> > 
> >         * lib/objc.exp: Add -lposix4 on Solaris 2.8.

> [...] I think we need a more general solution than what you
> installed.  Though I haven't yet had any luck getting the patch
> Rainer proposed to work.  (I may be doing something wrong though.)

I am not an ObjC user, but I do see the test results on my platform
and other platforms.  I agree that a more general solution is required
for this problem.  For example, I think ObjC requires a thread
configuration to work properly (or at least I know I can make this
statement: on some platforms, when configured to use threads, the
thread library must be provided by the user or else all tests fail).

FYI, the people working on Java have a general solution to this type
of problem.  They use a modified spec file that hooks in to override
%{lib}.  I don't know that it is the absolute best approach possible
if they were completely unconstrained to make changes outside libjava
but it does seem to work well enough.


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