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Re: other/2764: Fixinclude should fix PTHREAD...Solaris2.7

Wolfgang Bangerth wrote:
> I tried but it did not work, so I investigated a little more and to my
> surprise found the following
> #if __STDC__ - 0 == 0 && !defined(_NO_LONGLONG)
> typedef int64_t         pad64_t;
> typedef uint64_t        upad64_t;
> #else
> typedef union {
>         double   _d;
>         int32_t  _l[2];
> } pad64_t;
> typedef union {
>         double   _d;
>         uint32_t _l[2];
> } upad64_t;
> #endif
> Please don't ask we why they don't change the declaration to be
> all-__STDC__ anyway. Nevertheless, the point is that if I give -ansi on
> the command line, then a different declaration is chosen than if I omitted
> it...
> In any case, the following works:
>   #define PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER {{{0},0}, {{{0}}}, {0}}
> i.e. a pair of braces around the last element. That works for both
> declarations of upad64_t, so if that could be fixincluded, that would be
> great!

Unfortunately, it breaks Solaris 2.8.
I think you will need to constrain the fix to your specific version.
Here is the pthread.h version for Solaris 2.8:

  #pragma ident   "@(#)pthread.h  1.28    99/11/15 SMI"

I suggest you try the following inclhack.def fix.
You will need to fetch AutoGen from the infrastructure
directory to try it.  But, please fix the version in the
"select" clause  :-)  Also, please honor the "Reply-To:"
clause, or I won't see your replies until Monday.

fix = {
  hackname = solaris27_mutex_init;
  select = '@\(#\)pthread.h' "[ \t]+1.28[ \t]+99/11/15";
  files = pthread.h;
  c_fix = format;
  c_fix_arg = "%1, {0}}";
  c_fix_arg = "(define[ \t]+PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER.*),[ \t]*0}$";
  test_text = "#define PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER {{{0},0}, {{{0}}}, 0}";

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